Costa Blanca Top of the Charts for sales

Although a decrease in Spanish sales overall – Costa Blanca wins head and shoulders of the other Costa’s …

Stronger sales from Jan to Sept 2012 were recorded for the Spanish district of “Alicante” in the Costa Blanca region – having greatest number of property sales by other nationals — the total sales listed are 2,501 — followed a long way behind by Malaga (1,111), Barcelona (692), Baleares (605) and Girona (586).

The latest property stats released by the Ministry of Development show there were just over 225,000 sales from Jan (2012) to September (2012), representing a slight reduction of 6.8 % over the same duration last year.

By area, there were yearly rises in house sales in the 3rd quarter in La Rioja (56%), Catalonia (8.7%), the Valencian Community (8%), Asturias (7%), Castilla-La Mancha (6.3%), Cantabria (5.7%), Ontario (4.8%), Murcia (3.7%) and Aragon (1.9%).

In all various other districts the figures sadly showed a decline, the largest of which were in Navarra (51.7%), Basque Nation (33.8%), Extremadura (22.2%) and Castilla y Leon (12.6 %).

In regards to the nationality of these new purchasers, the deals made by foreign locals in Spain experienced growth for the fifth consecutive quarter, a rise of 18% from the 3rd quarter of 2011, with a sum total of 8803 property purchases.